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  • Use artist-friendly modeling and animation tools Create and animate characters, props, and environments using the sophisticated 3D modeling and animation tools in Maya LT.
  • Create high-quality textures and materials Use an array of tools to create high-quality textures and materials. Work with Allegorithmic Substance materials directly in the software.
  • Export 3D assets to any game engine from Maya LT Send assets directly to Unity and Unreal Engine with custom export tools, or use the game exporter to deliver 3D content to your engine of choice.
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    What is Maya LT?
    Maya® LT 3D game development software makes creating realistic in-game art faster and easier. With sophisticated animation, modeling, and texturing tools, Maya LT lets indie game developers bring their video game designs to life. You can:

    Create and animate compelling characters, props, and environments

    Produce high-quality textures and materials

    Export your 3D assets to any game engine from Maya LT

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